Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crepes & Creme

Crepes & Cream is a new joint in Ayala Cebu that sells crepes, fraps and ice cream. If you own a joint like this, then you will get rich in no time. You only cook up a flat crepe, place in some ice cream and some toppings and that's it! Easy as pie. And the profits are big ;).

Oh yeah, they also have fraps and shakes. My wife liked what she ordered and I would have to agree on that because the choco mint cookies and cream tasted good. The prices I think are understandable considering today's economy. With the way the malls are now (blazingly hot! even when there are not much people around), devouring something cold is a good idea considering the thriftiness of the malls by lowering the airconditioning temperature.

Hanging out at Crepes & Cream is a good place to start. Check out the photos below: choco mint cookies and cream and hazelnut banana with chocolate ice cream crepe.

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