Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Coffee Cat Experience

Coffee Cat was founded on the idea that everyone deserves the best coffee experience. So the site says. In reality, both times that I had been there, I left with quite the same experiences. The barista never seemed to get the spelling of the names right. They never bothered asking again to be sure they got the spellings of the names right.

My friend Eloisa got her name spelled Iloisa whereas my wife had her name spelled as Jella instead of Giebeth. Far out right? Coffee Cat is unique in a way because they also sell Yogo Yogurt. First time I see a coffee shop with Yogurt as part of its menu. As for the coffee, there is something with their cold and hot drinks that give me an odd taste. I think there was too much milk.

Plus if you order cold drinks that contain little bits of jello, sooner or later you could get a lockjaw from trying to sip those jello bits because the straw is too thin.

I filled out one of their complaint forms during my first visit because I was terribly disappointed but after I hung out 2 weeks later, the straw was still the same. I guess they probably threw out the suggestion and complaint form I submitted.

As for the price, they may not be as expensive as Starbucks but I cannot give their coffee a thumbs up overall. The two times were both not a good experience for me.


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