Friday, October 29, 2010

Chewy Junior

There is a new hype within SM Cebu's malls and it is something that many described like a doughnut but actually is not. They look like a crossover between the buns with creams of Rustan's bakeshop and those buns at Kopi Roti. When my brother was able to buy some for us, I looked forward to munching those so called delectable buns.

So they cost 45 per bun which is expensive. But I thought, if it is delicious, it is worth it. Is it? Well, sort of. I mean, it tastes ordinary. It tastes and feels like the same bun with cream in Rustan's, except it is smaller which makes it expensive. I guess this is okay for your first try but I would not buy any more of these again. They are too expensive. Save your 45 and add a little amount to it for your McDonalds or Jollibee meal instead.

I gobbled one up and after that I did not want to eat another one. They have a variety of flavors. The one we bought had chocolate, cream and blueberry in it. I am not saying they do not taste good. They do. But with all the hype about it, I found it to be ordinary after tasting one.

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