Friday, September 3, 2010

Dining At City Sports Club

So earlier this week my officemates and I had a simple feast at City Sports Club. It is located just in front of the Ayala Mall and Marriott Hotel, Cebu. If you check the photo above, we ordered taco, caesar's salad, spaghetti bolognese, bread, king fish, calamari, chicken pandan, goat stew. The prices are absurdly expensive like the King Fish which had only small servings, not worth the price really. But since iet was free courtesy of the company I work for, it was all systems go for us to munch everything that was served on the table.

If you do plan to eat there, don't get their caesar's salad. It is so expensive and there is not much serving. A few cabbages, a few biscuits and some olive oil and that's it! Nothing else.

As for the service, I think the staff do not know how to serve their food. We also ordered some beef and shrimp soup and they were actually served last when we were all full. Plus, it was already bad when there was no serving utensil to place the soup to our bowls. Such irresponsibility does not bode well with me. So I would describe their service as bad.


traveler said...

WOW, everything looks very appetizing! I wish i can have a share soon.

disneyusa said...

i will let you know next time hehehe

traveler said...

Thanks.I'm just feeling hungry now visiting ur blog.hmmmnnnn, really looks delicious!

traveler said...

but I guess, u must not have been full there feeling dissatisfied with the service. sad to hear that

disneyusa said...

it was free from the company anyway... but i would never eat there if i would be the one tapping the bill he he he


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