Monday, August 9, 2010

Creating An Itinerary Is Not An Easy Thing To Do

The post says it all. It ain't a very easy thing to do. You would have to do research, manage the time and do more research. When you go on vacation to some other country, having theme parks as part of your itinerary is a big help because theme parks take up a day of one's time.

My upcoming trip to Hongkong will entail 5 days and 4 nights. At least there is Disneyland now. Macau is also part of a day's worth of time in my itinerary. Add Ocean Park to that list and I have to think of what to do during daytime for the remaining 2 days. The 5th and last day of our planned trip has already been decided that it would be shopping day so what will the 4th day be? Perhaps more window shopping still?

Hongkong is such a big place after all and there are so many places to go to. Let us see what I can come up with within this week. I plan to have everything done by week's end.

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