Friday, August 20, 2010

Bourbon St. Bistro

When I went home to my hometown for my cousin's wedding, I wanted to eat some place where it is new. Bourbon St. Bistro is the latest and newest restaurant to open in Cagayan de Oro. It replaced the old P. Joe's Diner located at The Site in the Lim Ket Kai Center.

What can I say about the food? It is pricey, like all American themed cafes and restaurants but the servings are pretty huge. Still, for budget conscious people I would recommend you share your orders with each other.

This way you can also get to order other food items. The place does not really look that elegant, just ordinary but the staffs were pretty attentive and accommodating (we were the only customers that time when we got in so I guess naturally service was fast).

At the time of this writing I have totally forgotten the names. Though I did manage to take pictures of their menu.

You can view them [HERE] if you want. There are also other photos of us dining in the place.

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Anonymous said...

u should try that french meditteranean resto La Vetta, it's the best of mindanao. run by a master chef and his wife also a hotelier/ wine connosieur


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