Friday, July 23, 2010

A Very Rough Landing

Last weekend, I went home to my hometown to attend my cousin's wedding. We went there via plane and if you had been following my posts ever since, I had mentioned quite a few times that riding a plane scares me especially when there is turbulence.

I did get a scare on my flight there, though it was not turbulence related. The problem was during the plane's landing. I don't know, the landing was just hard I thought to myself that it was going to crash somewhat.

Man, I got pissed a little bit when the plane finally stopped and the pilot announced in the speaker thanking us for flying with them and that they hope we would do so again. Like we have a choice. I was scared out of my wits! But I guess that experience was better than having plane problems in the middle of the sea with no place to land. Now that! Is scary ...


Maryagirl said...

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disneyusa said...

i do :D

Pink*Jeep ebooks said...

Lol! Happens to me too during flights, indeed - "like we have a choice" Best to pray before and after landing, that no matter what everything will go alright.

Great post, I can relate! Happy blogging!

disneyusa said...

thanks pink jeep ;)


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