Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick Stop At Pizza Hut

Had a quick stop at Pizza Hut just recently with my wife and out of all the food shops that are around in the mall, I decided to some pasta (again!). Pizza Hut's pizzas are good. Even the pasta that we ordered was yummy.

We were confused with the mudpie sundae that we ordered though because the picture showed it as solid whereas what we got was something like a soft ice cream that was already melting. We did not bother complaining about it (again) because it was already closing time we were actually the last ones left that time. The first time the mudpie sundae was served, it had no cherry and barely any chocolate syrup.

No excuses for them. They totally blew this one out. They were lucky that I was so tired from playing basketball that time that I did not have the energy left to go complain and show they the ugly side of me he he he.

The viva roma pizza costs around 315, while the mud pie sundae is 59 (better buy your own ice cream in the grocery), and the shrimp garlic spaghetti is 145 (you should try this!).

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