Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Italiannis Mahalalis

According to their website: traditionally, Italian restaurants have been owned by families using recipes and cooking skills inherited from the old country and served with warm-hearted hospitality. Italian restaurants have become synonymous with warmth, friendly atmosphere which aims to please their guests and make them feel right at home. At Italianni's, we believe in making our guests feel like they're in an Italian family villa.

Well, I have to agree regarding their interior design. It is true because the place looks cozy and the ambience is pretty relaxing. Some of the food tastes great though some do not. They even look weird.

One thing is consistent though, it is pricey so be ready not to be discouraged to shell out money from your wallets once your bill gets to you. When we dined at Italiannis last month, it was only my second time to eat there. My aunt treated us so it was all good. If I was the one footing the bill, it would have been a total disaster ha ha!

Check out the photos of some of the food that we ordered. The left most photo is of a pizza with some leaves on top of it. Weird. If I can remember it right, the waiter did say that it could serve up to 5 people. When the pizza was served, we were all disappointed because it was so small for a so called serving that could accommodate 5 people.

The right most is that of pasta which I think was okay. Not really addicting but okay. I like Pizza Hut's pastas better than this one. The middle photo is I think pork with mashed potato. I think it is okay since my wife said that she likes it.

One thing nice about Italiannis though, you can ask for as many bread as you want and pour in some oil and vinegar. Their bread tastes good. And since you could request as many as you want, it was what made all of us full rather than the main course that we ordered ha ha.

You can check out some more photos of the food and our time at Italiannis [HERE].

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Faye said...

looks so good!:) yummy!:)


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