Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ila Puti

Born out of passion, ilaputi began serving the best of asian & fusion dishes in 2002. Fast casual gourmet comfort dishes as people would know it; each dish is prepared from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Cozy interiors, cool music, and courteous staff add a delight to the whole dining experience.

The food is good, no doubt about it. The problem is that the way it handles its customers looks more like a fast food rather than a hip restaurant. You would have to go to the counter and choose your order.

Now, it ain't a problem if there are few people in there. But if there are many, then you would have to wait in line till the customer in front of the cashier finishes their orders. Time consuming I know. And if you are really hungry, then it is not advisable to dine here (unless if there is no one else in front of the counter).

They do not serve tap water so you are stuck with having to order bottled water. When my wife and I went there, it was actually my third time. We ordered a few and the food was good. You should try it.

kari kulkarni - 150
sizzling stroganov - 180
strawberry milkshake - 110

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