Friday, May 28, 2010

Where To Next?

Mostly my travel blog posts had been about food. Money is scarce ;) If only I am rich then I would be traveling all over the world. But I am still thankful with what I have. My planned trip to Hongkong is still far off, like 5 months from now so it will be some time before I will be writing posts about my trip there.

For now, I am looking forward to a short trip to bustling metropolis city in the Philippines, Manila. Be going there for two days this coming June 18. I cannot wait to get back to Bonifacio High Street and visit their Ocean Park. It is not as big as Hongkong's Ocean Park but hey, better than nothing right?

And then there is the dreaded plane flight, which I am so afraid of ha ha! Even at my age I still am scaredy, much as I am scared with the water. Good thing the flight is just short and I could just play a few minutes of it with my PSP and ignore the fear that I have with riding a plane.

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