Sunday, June 6, 2010

Island Hopping In Cebu, Philippines

After yesterday, I would say I ain't going out in any adventure trip that involves the blistering hot weather again. I remember when I was still young, I would play basketball late morning until early afternoon.

Nowadays, even when you leave your skin out in the open for a minute, it would burn you. Man ... But anyway, it is not really the point of this post.

So, island hopping. Any of you tried this one? Just some boat trip to a few islands, anchors somewhere then lets the guests swim and snorkel around. Cebu, Philippines offers one of many island hopping trips that are, well kind of disorganized.

I mean, it is true the waters are clean and there are lots of fishes around but when we went there last weekend, there were some trash passing by us and lots of small jellyfish. Oh yeah, I happened to notice 2 bigger jellyfish that really stings, so the boatmen said.

There should be someone heading this tourism to ensure that guests and tourists would really enjoy swimming and snorkeling around without the worries of jellyfish and trash passing by. Plus, the boatmen should not just accept guests for trips if it is jellyfish season or something.

I am sure they know when there will be no jellyfish around or not. Plus,I do not know if they are really called life jackets because the one I wore felt as if it was going to malfunction (all their lifejackets are).

Would I recommend island hopping? That is really up to you. If you can bear the scorching heat and the trash and jellyfish that pass by, then great. Enjoy. And oh yeah, do not let the boat anchor near shore where you can step on the ground. There are lots of sea urchins. For one thing, I did not enjoy my time. I did not even swim much. My wife said when she went there, there were no jellyfish so they probably appear at some time and some place.

Please share your experiences and let others know, good or bad. Your experience may not be the same as mine.

Updated Note: my friend told me that June is jellyfish season. even late May. So I consider them cheaters, still accepting boat trips knowing that tourists will not enjoy their time because of the jellyfish floating around.

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Have you been to El Nido?


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