Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flying In Business Class

I have never experienced flying in business class. For one thing, it is very expensive and as much as one would want to save on costs to have a fun vacation, most travelers opt for the cheaper seats.

And, I never would have expected that the day I will be flying in business class would come. And it is not because I spent for this but I took advantage of the plane's flight miles for free round fare trips.

So, in my forthcoming short trip to Manila, Philippines, my wife and I will be flying in the business class section he he he. First time, first time. Yes! And, I can flex my legs freely.

Accumulating air miles is not that easy unless you travel frequently. My trip to the United States 3 years ago was what increased my air miles to the point where I was able to redeem them for a free round trip.

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