Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bistro Ravioli

The goodness of fresh pasta and brick oven-baked pizza. Located at the 2nd Floor of the South Wing Main Mall in SM Mall of Asia, Bistro Ravioli serves some great food. We ordered (based on photo from left to right) garlic seafood spaghetti, sausage ravioli, pizza frita with boursin cheese dip, italian sausage & bacon pizza and some red iced tea.

The price is not that expensive and I tell you, the pasta that we ordered? It can accomodate 4 people or 2 large eaters he he he. The pizza was kind of small though, It is only good for 2.

The place is very neat. The white color theme of Bistro Ravioli makes you feel fresh and relaxed. I can't say the same for their staff though. Maybe that time they were tired or something. The way they served us was not really that hospitable. Well, we did not give them any tip anyway so we're even he he he.

Customer service aside, the food is great.

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Tey said...

wow this is so deleicously looking food. Its making me hungry.. Thanks for sharing
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