Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Advantage Of Flying First Class

Just this weekend, I finally got to experience flying first class. Or, business class. Those two words are the same. I had to use my mile points because they will be expiring end of this year so my wife and I decided to use them up so we could get at least a free

That we did and flying in first class really is comfortable. Your seat is big. You also get free meals. Plus you can watch some movies just like in International flights. The drawback in flying first class is that it is very expensive.

No wonder when we went to Manila, there were only a few of us. Although when we went back home, there were a bit more people than before, only the rich people could really afford to fly in business class.

Wait ... I am not implying I am rich. I just got to ride there because of my mileage points remember? I also noticed that people who ride in first class are either foreigners or old people. Heck, my wife and I were the only young guns there during our flights.

It was a great experience though. Not everybody gets a chance to ride in first class.

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Mayet said...

lucky you!!I hope to have the same privilege one day!! but not with EasyJet:-(


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