Monday, May 10, 2010

Missy Bon Bon

From the same people who brought Bigby's cafe in the Philippines, Missy Bon Bon is a hip and cozy relaxed world class artisanal breadshop serving healthy, freshly made bread onsite with unique fusion interpretations of local bread products, gourmet comfort food, custom gelato mixes and a selection of freshly brewed coffees.

While visiting my wife back in Cagayan de Oro, it coincided with its establishment opening so one night, we headed straight to Missy Bon Bon to check it out. Cute logo, nice name. It looks like a combination of Bread Talk and Gellatissimo ice cream.

We only tried out their ice cream and I would say it tastes good. The only problem was that their ice cream flavors do not have the same prices which can delay you getting billed because you would have to keep on asking how much which flavor is as was the case when we went there. On the bread side, there are some bread that were fully exposed just like Bread Talk which is not ideal because they will be open to the flies for the taking. And it is not a good sight to see their security guard playing around with a badminton-like gadget to kill off mosquitoes and flies

The price of their gelato is alright. Around 45 bucks or more if I remember them right and the content is not too much, more like half the price of Gellatissimo's which is understandable since the content serving is also half of how much Gellatissimo serves.

You can check out some of the photos I took [HERE].


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