Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turqoise Restaurant

I never expected we'd get to try this Turkish restaurant in SM's branch in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. There was nothing new there to eat so Turqoise restaurant was the choice we decided to have dinner. Whenever it is middle eastern cuisine, curry comes to mind. I love curry. I can gobble up curry sauce and treat is as sauce.

We ordered the following food:

roasted chicken a la turqoise - chicken quarter cuts marinated in turkish herbs and seasonings baked and served on a bed of rice a la turqoise priced at 190.00

grilled cheesy kofte - grilled ground beef with mozzarella cheese marined in their own special sauctraes, served with turkish rice priced at 200.00

chicken curry sauteed - chicken bits in delicious curry sauce with sauteed vegetables priced at 190.00

moro pasta - spicy shrimps and squid and curry creamy sauce priced at 195.00

beef shawarma - beefy and meaty priced at 110.00 if I remember it right, simply delicious

pita - i forgot to get the description of this and the price but what i can say is that this is not a good order. Pricey, yet the food serving is just too small

While it is not surprising that middle eastern cuisine can be pricey, one of the food that we ordered, the moro pasta has a very large serving. The rest were just ok. The beef shawarma was awfully good too! You should try it. They have beef and chicken shawarma available.

I think overall the food were pretty good. Service was good too. The food attendant was very accommodating and took care of us the whole time we were there.

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