Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sto. Niño Cold Springs

Where there are hot springs, there are cold springs as well in Camiguin Island. Take a refreshing cold bath in Sto. Niño Cold Springs. The waters that come out from the grounds is crystal clear and only about 20°C, which feels pretty cold if you ask me.

You can also just sit on the side of the pool and have your legs submerge in the water where small fishes will come and pick off all the dead skin of your body. Free fish spa! This treatment is even recommended for some skin problems.

There are stores nearby where you can order food. The seafood that we ordered were delicious! Problem was, it took so long to cook them. Looked like only one cook for all their customers. Instead of wasting time waiting for them to deliver our food, we goofed off in the pool for some photos: both above water and underwater.

They have a pool for both kids and adults.

Entrance fee is 40 pesos.

To get to Sto. Niño Cold Spings, you have to leave the main road in the village of Looc, near Catarman on the Southwest side of the island. From the main road, it is about 2 km into the forest before you reach the resort area.

You can view more photos of them [HERE].

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