Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mooon ... A Miracle

I say miracle because I do not like to eat there. Their food are pricey and the serving is small. But when I went home to my hometown it was what my mother's choice to eat at lunch (not that we all had other choices).

Our experience that time was bad. The rice they gave to us was hard. Garlic rice ... when we chewed it, it was not soft. Really bad. Naturally, we complained and asked for just rice instead. When the food attendant came back, the rice was still half raw. Ick ...

Well, anyway, the following food were what we ordered:

breaded piece piley - with buttered vegetables served with garlic rice and mayonnaise priced at 159.00

mooon steak - sizzling pork steak topped with gravy sauce served with garlic rice and vegetables priced at 159.00

beef stroganoff - beef sauteed in garlic and onion with cream of mushroom sauce and topped with pickled gerhins priced at 175.00

chicken mozzarella melt - fried chiken breast sprinkled with mozzarella cheese, satuteed chopped tomatoes served with rice priced at 159.00

quesadila veracruz (not in photo) - toasted flour tortilla stuffed with sauted shrimps, onions and cheese topped salsa fresca served with sour cream priced at 159.00

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