Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Many Days Should You Spend In Camiguin?

Good question. It depends on two things. Whether you want to hire transportation to take you around Camiguin or you want to go to the hotspots yourselves. If you are on a tight schedule, you can go to all of Camiguin's hotspots in just two days but you need to hire transportation for this.

If you plan to go around Camiguin on your own, I would say 3 days would suffice. If ever you need to contact transportation to take you around the island, let me know. I can recommend you the same driver who drove us around when we last went there. He was very courteous plus he replies quickly whenever you text message him.

He was also a great help in finding us a place to stay when our other reservation was cancelled and I had to scramble in the internet to look for another place to stay. And to think that was Holy Week so the island was pretty booked those days. Luckily, he managed to help us find a very good place to stay.

If you ask me, 2 days is enough for Camiguin Island. Places would include the Walkway, Sunken Cemetery, Old Church Ruins, Sto. Nino Cold Springs, Katibawasan Falls, Ardent Hot Spring, White Island and Mantigue Island.


Jeson Bustamante said...


I have read your blog about camiguin and you stated there that you know some drivers who could take a tour.

I would like to ask if you what kind of transport is better for a tour for 2 people.

Thank you

chitgoks said...

hi im not sure if there is a day use for motorela.

when we went there we rented a jeepney for 2 days since there were 6 of us.

if motorela is cheaperthan a jeepney or multicab rent for day use,then go for it otherwise if the price gap is small go for multicab or jeepney as it is spacious


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