Sunday, April 18, 2010

Frozen Haute Chocolate

I was surfing the net today and this caught my attention right away. Thought I'd share it to you traveling readers.

Who knows, maybe if ever you are in Manhattan, you may chance upon the Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York City which is known for offering a whopping $25,000 dessert called the Frozen Haute Chocolate.

Photo from the NY Times

The item, a high-end version of the venerable restaurant's Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, was declared the world's most expensive dessert today by Guinness World Records.

What makes it so pricey? It includes a blend of 28 cocoas, is infused with five grams of edible 23-karat gold and served in a goblet lined with edible gold. Customers even walk away with souvenirs -- an 18-karat gold bracelet with diamonds and the gold and diamond-crusted spoon and goblet set.

Man ... $25,000? I could buy a lot of things with that amount. But if I am rich, why not right? Would you? ;)

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