Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lesson Learned. Never Rent A Resthouse

Allow me to explain. I just had a pretty bad experience. We already have plans to vacation in an island somewhere in the Philippines. We were going to rent a resthouse for the 6 of us who will be going there. Just last night, I received a call from the caretaker of the resthouse and told me that our reservation had to be cancelled because the owner is going to use it for an emergency.

What the ... and Holy Week is just a week away. Surely by now 99% of all accommodations are already booked. But what could I do? Man ... that really gave me a huge headache. I had to scramble and dialed long distance numbers just to inquire if possibly, just quite possibly there is still a slim chance that there will be a vacancy for that night that we will be there.

After 10 resorts/hotels called, there was one that told me their place would be free but the place looks ugly just from the description. I was so desperate I had to consider that one as the replacement. Luckily, I also decided to hire a rented vehicle to take us around for 1 1/2 days. The driver of the rented vehicle agreed to help me find an accommodation for us and that he did, the next day just as he promised.

It was really pure luck. If I did not decide to rent a vehicle to transport us around the island, then there would have been nobody to help us find a place to stay. Renting a resthouse is risky especially if you are planning to vacation during the peak season. It can destroy your plans and run your trip. The owners are asses. I was told our reservation had to be cancelled because of an emergency. Turns out the emergency is for their reunion. Such selfish bastards.

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