Friday, March 5, 2010

Johnny's Fish And Chips

Last weekend, my wife and I were in Parkmall (located in Cebu, Philippines) because she took part in a fashion show that was held there. Since we were there, we looked for a diner that we have not tried yet. We ended up with Johnny's Fish and Chips.

That time, there were not much people around. We were the only ones on the second floor as you can see [HERE] in my gallery photos. The place looks okay. As for the food ... we ordered beef tips and their special fish and chips.

What can I say? The beef tips were good. Yes! I would recommend it to you. It comes with a cup of rice. As for the fish and chips, I'd say it was a bummer. It would have been better if they just placed all fish meat in there rather than coat it with too much flour. I did not really like it. So just to give you a heads up in case you plan to eat there.

Their prices are alright. As are the servings of the food that we ordered.

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