Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cebu Beach Club

Cebu Beach Club is one of the well known resorts in Cebu, Philippines. It is located in Mactan Island just within the Tambuli Resort premises. It combines tropical splendor with modern facilities for business and leisure.

Its enchanting beach front is an open invitation to frolic in the sun sand, and surf. A day is not enough to enjoy all the water sports imaginable. The concrete pools offer a refreshing alternative and cool respite.

Yes, there are great water activities to enjoy here like banana boat rides and sea walking aside from its pool. But you know what, overall I do not like it there. Last weekend, I went out with my officemates because we had an American guest and they chose this resort. I was looking forward to taking some great photos of the beachfront but once I got there, the place is so small, and boring.

Plus their restaurant is not an eye pleaser. It makes the resort worse than ordinary. Part of the salad got mixed up with some black ants roaming all over the table. Good thing the other food were not affected.

I was not happy with their food. If it were not for the fish in lemon sauce and fried squid, no comment. And the pasta was terrible. You can check more photos of Cebu Beach Club [HERE].

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