Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yellow Cab Pizza

Yellow Cab Pizza is a chain that retails fastfood, primarily pizza. Founded in 2001, the chain operates in 4 countries: the Philippines, the United States, Malaysia and Qatar. Currently, this is my favorite pizza out of all the pizza chains in the Philippines. Well ... unless Cici's Pizza will open a branch here, then I will have a new favorite. In the meantime, Yellow Cab is the pizza I crave the most.

My wife and I have one all-time favorite, The Charlie Chan pasta which is pasta mixed with chicken strips, shittake mushrooms and roasted peanuts sauteed in a spicy oriental sauce. Last night, we ordered that one plus tried out a new specialty pizza since we usually choose their classic pizza. We decided to try something new for a chance and we chose their 4 seasons specialty pizza which is a gourmet sampler pizza of 4 varieties: NY classic, #4 cheese, Anchovy lovers and roasted garlic and shrimp.

The crust of their pizza really suits to my liking. It is not too thin nor too thick. I wonder what kind of pizza I will order next time. Hmm ...


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