Saturday, February 20, 2010


Last night, I invited my friend Ritchel to dinner at TGIF partly because my wife and I just can't get enough of her kid Ivan. He is just so adorable. I blogged about TGIF before quite a number of times but that does not mean we love hanging out. As most of you know, TGIF's price tags on its food ain't cheap. We used to dine there lately because of this certain promo card from some company that offers a certain free meal when you order any meal from TGIF.

I usually order their burger because I could get another free burger meal and their patties are awfully big. I tend to bring the free burger home with me so I could eat it for lunch the next day at work. So last night, I ordered a different kind of burger, called the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich. My wife ordered Sizzling Combo Fajita and my friend Ritchel ordered a Filipino delicacy, the Filipino Pork Liempo. Here are the descriptions of the following taken from TGIF's menu.

Chipotle Chicken Sandwich - tender chicken breast served in toasted ciabatta with a blend of monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, banana and chipotle mayo served with fries at 245.00

Sizzing Combo Fajita - steak and chicken breasts and chargrilled at 455.00. Oh yeah, the ingredients here are the same as that of shawarma.

Filipino Pork Liempo - 3 pieces pork belly marinated in garlic and sweet soy sauce, grilled and served with java rice, native ensalada with their own vinegar and garlic sauce at 355.00

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