Friday, February 12, 2010

Gellatissimo's Belgian Chocolate

Last week, it seemed my wife and I found out that there was one new flavor that we missed at Gellatissimo and this was in the SM Mall in Cebu, Philippines. I am not sure if this is a new flavor or just an old one that we never noticed until that time but we just had to get one and try it out.

The taste of Belgian Chocolate is the same as that of its dark counterparts. While Gellatissimo's ice creams are ridiculously expensive, they taste good. But for those who live on average incomes (like me), I would not recommend you to slurp them all out often, else you'd get broke sooner or later.

See the photo with the ice cream and cone? Behind it is a menu and they have sets of ice cream that cost the same amount as food that can serve up to 5 people. Big difference right? But it does not hurt to try Gellatissimo once in a while. An addiction to it can be catastrophic ha ha!

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