Saturday, February 20, 2010

Casa Verde's Light Snacks

Light Snacks? More like our dinner. I have been abstaining from eating rice lately. Seeing as how I don't get any exercise, might as well try and follow the diet route. My wife usually does yoga every Thursday and last week, after her yoga we decided to have some sandwich and salad for our dinner.

Casa Verde has great servings and cheap prices in their menu. Their clubhouse sandwich is very good. But here is a word of advice. Do not order the Count of Monte Cristo sandwich. Man, I almost puked. It was mostly flour, cheese and not much turkey in it. I was not even able to finish all of it because the taste wasn't so good after munching even half of it.

The following were what we ordered:

Caryl's Chicken Salad - handbreaded chicken strip sliced and placed over mixed greens, diced eggs, shredded cheese, tomatoes and bacon and honey mustard dressing at 135.00

Count of Monte Cristo - a dinner classic (so the menu says but not to me)! This sandwich is stacked with ham, turkey, swiss and american cheese and white bread then battered and fried till golden. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with raspberry reserves at 164.00


resistanCe said...

look delicious...nyamiiii

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Tour packages said...

Yummy snacks, my mouth watering. This will be huge for my dinner.


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