Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anybody Been To Hongkong?

So the question, anybody been to Hongkong? I went there before after I graduated college but honestly, I had forgotten the places we went to. The only thing I can remember were two chicks who did not understand me when I hit on them and talked to them in English. Tsk ...

Late this year, Hongkong will be my next travel destination together with my siblings, my wife and my friends. The last time I went there was like more than a decade ago. Things have surely changed since then. Plus there is this one new theme park called Disney that surely is a MUST go to destination for any travelers.

This will not be a tour. This will be an ADVENTURE! As much as possible, shy away from tours because for one thing, you only get to save a little time in any of your destinations because everything is timed. Worse, you'd be lucky if your tour guide won't spend so much time beautifying herself at every stop as what happened with my cousins during their trip to China.

It's on to research for me! To see where the cheapest and best place to stay in that is accessible to most, if not all tourist attractions that we plan to go to: Disney, Ocean Park, Macau, Victoria's Peak, Night Market and many many more ... if budget allows us to ha ha!


Mariya said...

This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


disneyusa said...

thank you!

Krishna said...

Wish you a very NICE tour of Hong Kong!

I have never been there. Any way I would like to read your posts on Hong Kong, as and when you post them.

You can view some nice tourist spots' photos and details in my blog Scene India.

Krishna (Celebrity Females)

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Tey said...

I've been to HK about 15 years ago.. its beautiful there..No disneyHK yet at that time thou

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KUMAGCOW said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site religiously hahah!

Yes I have been to HK recently and to tell you the truth, I did not enjoy Disneyland that much. I enjoyed the 3D movie but that's it. The other things are for kids.

I enjoyed OCEAN PARK better because of the water creatures, the rides, and scenic transfer from the highlands and lowlands... you will get what I mean once you get there.. its worth every penny. Since you are there, I recommend you to go to SHENZEN which is a few minutes travel via train...that is already CHINA and boy you will get the best bargains there than HK.

Try the night market too, lots of things to buy there!

Thank you again!


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