Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ambassador's Cafe

Last weekend, I was invited by the boyfriend of my cousin to celebrate his passing of the medical board exam. The venue was in Ambassador's Cafe and as my cousin told me, it is a Mexican themed restaurant. I was not so sure about the Mexican thing after we ate there but you be the judge.

The place is actually small. If the placed is packed, good luck waiting for your turn. That time, half of the place was occupied by us (including my cousin's family and her siblings) while the other half was reserved from a couple who celebrated their engagement.

The food? Well, some of the orders were good: lots of content. My wife order Ambassador's pasta while I ordered their Fish Fillet with Curry Sauce. Both of them cost almost 200 bucks.

Here are my comments:

Ambassador's Pasta - nothing good about this. Just pasta mixed with sauce that tastes like Cheese Whiz spread.

Fish Fillet with Curry Sauce - curry sauce is good. But the fish fillet was a bit "too" salty and they were pretty malnourished too. You can either choose to have 3 bread sticks or a cup of rice accompany it. The vegetable side dish I think was mixed with lemon and olive oil.

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