Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wil's Bar

After the New Year, my family and I celebrated a night in my uncle's videoke bar called Wil's Bar. It is located in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines ... my hometown. It was actually the very first time that my family and I all gathered and had fun in a videoke bar singing the night away.

If you are in Cagayan de Oro City, make sure you drop by this place. And I am not being biased. Why? Compared to the videoke bars in Cebu, they have actually two screens: one for singing karaoke while the other screen is for cable. Pretty cool huh? Like what my dad, brother and I did, we watched basketball while the girls sang their turns.

At least you are not stuck to just staring on one screen like the videoke bars in Cebu. Even if they offer games and movies, you are still stuck with one screen. Having two screens is a blast! Plus, they even have a PC workstation so guests can surf and use the internet while waiting for their turns.

Some of their rooms have its own comfort room too at only P250.00. Very cheap. They also serve great food. I loved the noodles and the sisig. When my uncle visited us, I just had to tell him that his videoke bar is great and that he did the right thing placing a PC workstation plus adding another TV screen for cable. That way, all the guests in the room can have something to do whilst waiting for their turns to sing.

Wil's bar is located in the Divisoria area. You can view more photos [HERE].


Jennifer said...

The city of golden friendship... I've been there, nice place! ...

Tg10 said...

Magkano po jan sa Wil's bar? :)

disneyusa said...

@tg10: i forgot the rate na. mejo matagal na yung last time namin dyan


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