Monday, January 11, 2010

Thai Me Up

Thai Me Up I believe is Cagayan de Oro City's first thailand-themed restaurant. It is located in the southern part of the Philippines. My parents treated the whole family when I went home for the Holidays last year and I must say, as always, Thai food is great. There was one food item that looked weird though. They had noodles in their menu of the "bihon" type which was pretty unusual for me. I think those kind of noodles are mainly Chinese types.

Anyway, the place is pretty spacious but there is no aircondition so the owner pretty much saves quite a lot with electricity ;). They have a function room thoug, just beside the kitchen and I am betting there is aircondition there ;). Well, there should be. As I said awhile ago, the place is pretty big plus they also have adequate parkin space for the customers, which is a good thing.

I forgot the exact names of the food that we ordered. Oh, and you can see our other photos [HERE].

They all taste delicious! Well ... I was disappointed with one though, the fish fillet something. The serving was pretty small. Not really good for 3 people and the price did not fit well with how much it was served. We also tried out their juice drink. You should check out the menu for the name. It had a weird taste. At one point it was good, then after that it somehow tasted weird. The Siam restaurant in Ayala Terraces, Cebu has a much better juice drink.

Still, everything else was alright. Their staff were not so attentive though. My wife asked that her "calamansi" juice be mixed in lukewarm water. Instead, she was given ice cold. Next, she asked for lukewarm water and still, she was given the cold variety. The staff who served us were not attentive and it was on a day wherein there were only a few people dining.


yanilea said...

I've been in thai me up too and the price is really high. I agree with you that it doesn't fit well with their servings.

russel said...

i love thai me up... delicious food and cheaper price... great ambience!

p. cook said...

I still have to check out Thai Me Up. My friends have been all praises for it. So far, I've only tried Siam in Cagayan de Oro

disneyusa said...

cool. let me know. but really... all thai food are cooked the same.

from all the thai restaurants ive tried so far ...


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