Saturday, January 23, 2010

TGIF Yet Again

Seems time and time again my wife and I keep chilling out at TGIF. Next weekend we even planned to go there again and avail the remaining coupons that we have. TGIF's burgers are pretty huge but they are also simple. You know, bread, burger patty, fries. That's it. But again, awfully huge. And expensive ha ha!

With the coupons that we have, we actually got half of the total amount that we paid, free! The coupon produced another free burger and 6 pieces chicken wing. Plus another free sundae ;).

The following were what we had:

Baby Backrib - full rack of pork ribs is expertly cooked to ensure they are fail off the bone tender. Fire grilled with glaze and tangy barbecue sauce served with crispy fries. 495.00

Buffalo Wings - 6 pieces of traditional upstate New York style chicken wings marinated in spicy sauce then deep fried served with crisp celery sticks and tangy blue cheese. 275.00

Bacon Cheeseburger - (2nd photo, first row) mouth watering all beef patty covered with melted colby cheese, crispy bacon with classic fixings and served with crispy fries. 375.00

Jack Daniels Burger - expertly seasoned and fire grilled to order with a juicy 7oz burger glazed with Jack Daniels sauce and stacked with 2 strips of crispy bacon and colby cheese on a toasted bun served with a side of Jack Daniels sauce, classic fixings and crispy fries. 355.00

Friday's Sundae - heavy scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge, karamel sauce, nuts, whipped cream and topped with cherry. 195.00


survivormuch said...

oh I love Friday's...their cocktail drinks are good too...:)

disneyusa said...

haven't tried their cocktails. but i agree with you. they're not famous for nothing


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