Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain Or Shine At Sinulog 2010

Man, Sinulog 2010 had its good and bad. Bad ... well since the weather was abnormal. It rained, then it stopped and it was even hot for a few hours. Then all of a sudden, it rained again. That was on an afternoon and that was also the time I decided to stop taking photos and head for shelter.

I went back out with my wife around 6pm when the parade was over. You would know that the parade is over (even if there are contingents dancing on the streets) because the security are not strict letting people go in the parade route and making some scenes like shouting or dancing.

And, as always, it is hard to ride a cab or jeepney because of the heavy traffic. It was a good thing I did not get any sicker because I already was not feeling well that day but I willed myself to going there because I wanted to experience taking photos during Sinulog. The past few years the weather hadn't been friendly to Cebu. I hope next year the weather will finally give us a good one.

I will be posting photos soon. For now, I am attaching this photo in this post which I believe is my best shot among the many that I took.

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