Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pit Senyor! 2010!

Pit Senyor everybody! Later on, I will be hitting the streets of Cebu, Philippines to take photos of a variety of groups strutting their way on the streets and showing off their colorful costumes and groovy dance moves. And a bit of a bad time too. I got a sore throat, tsk! It is because of the cold weather the past few days that got everybody to thinking that it may rain today. Luckily, there is no rain today but the sky ain't that bright.

It will be my first time to take photos on the streets and have VIP access because I bought an I.D. before today so I could get in anytime, anywhere. Believe me, if you want to take good photos, buy an I.D.! Do not chance yourself on the sidelines because you will end up having protruding heads or umbrellas in your photos.

See you all in awhile! Pit Senyor!

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