Thursday, January 7, 2010

Other Things You Can Do At Dahilayan Adventure Park

While the Dahilayan Adventure Park is known mainly because of the longest zipline in Asia, there are also other things that you can do there whilst waiting for your turn. They offer rental services for their ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) like in the photo in this post. They also have horse back riding. Both of them takes you to mostly the same trail.

This is a good activity especially during the peak season as there are bound to be many people and your turn make take very long if you go there late.

At the end of the 320+120 meter zipline, there is some sort of activity tower where people can walk pass hanging bridges and some other unnamed activities. It is still under construction so that is all I can tell you about it for now (photo below).

That same area is pretty vast and you can enjoy the scenery that abounds guests all the while feeling the cold breeze. I just love the cold wind touching my skin even if the sun shone brightly on us. In the photo above, the area is slowly being covered in fog as you can see the trees at the far back so there is no sunlight in the photo.

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