Saturday, January 30, 2010

Handuraw Pizza

cHanduraw Pizza is one of the many local pizza joints in Cebu, Philippines. I treated my wife last Friday since she has never eaten there before. We ordered Handuraw Pizza Special plus 2 pastas called Pesto Pasta and Seafood Marinara.

Handuraw's pizza is the same as other local pizzas like Da Vinci Pizza, Calda's Pizza and Alberto's. The layer is so thin. As in very thin. Like probaby around 15 layers of imported lumpia sheets you can see how profits would be big with the content they serve. The one we ordered cost almost 300.00 while the 2 pastas cost almost around 90 each.

The Pesto Pasta is just pure noodles covered in olive oil and parsley while their Seafood Marinara pasta is ordinary spaghetti with a few bits of shrimp in it (there was really nothing seafood about it). The place is a good joint to hang out, drink a few beers and munch some food though. Really, their pizza tastes alright. It's how thick the crust is that I am not satisfied with.

Devouring thick layered pizzas is not really my cup of tea. Thin layers are the way to go but not the kind of thin that they serve. We all have different taste buds, you should try it out yourself and see if you are ok with their food.

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