Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coffee Bean's Matcha Tea Latte

While tea is not my favorite thing when it comes to coffee shops, we had no choice but to get one because my wife wanted to complete Cofee Bean & Tea Leaf's promotional card which we can avail for an organizer of our choice once the 12 slots are all stamped.

The one item left in that card was tea latte. My wife does not like tea so I had no choice but to drink it or else the money we paid for would go to waste. I chose the hot Matcha tea latte instead of the cold one. Once I started sipping on it, yuck. It tasted like soya. I can sip a few gulps when it comes to soya but man ... a big cup of it? I did not even finish it because I really could not take it after drinking quite a lot of it.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has some good frappucinos in their menu. I just do away with tea. It was actually the first time I tried it, but only because of that organizer. There was some good that came out of it. The organizer came with a monthly coupon of freebies! The photo in this post is a cold version of the Matcha tea latte.


gracia said...

was here.. link me..

marriage markers said...

hey it has been a long time since i visited. how are you? thanks for visiting my blog recently. cool site now!

pp said...

hi there!

oh i miss having coffee at a cafe where the ambiance is relaxing. since we had a baby our world revolved around her. hehe

i would want to have one! :D

disneyusa said...

hey marriagemakers. long time no hear. im doing good. still on a food marathon run he he he


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