Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Ziplines Of Dahilayan Adventure Park

The Dahilayan Adventure Park features two kinds of ziplines: the 320+120meter and the longest one in Asia, 840 meters. You can pay the all-rides package where you can zip through all of these three for P500.00.

The 320+120 meter zipline lets guests sit on cable straps while the 840 meter zipline requires guests to lie face down and glide through forest terrain in Superman style ;). For the long zipline, guests will be taken by a safari type jeep in groups of 15 to the starting point. If the weather has a little rain, it is best not to sit on the side, else you'd be splatted with mud just like my wife. The driver pretty much drives rough so tough luck for those who will site on the side.

If you go there during peak season, there is a big chance that if you go there late, you may get your turn in the 840 meter zipline when night falls. They usually cater up to 300 guests per day. If it is not peak season, you can contact them for reservation.

You can view all the photos during our trip there, [HERE].


small note - budiawan hutasoit said...

i'd like to try the 840 meter i become a Superman.. :-)

nice article...and also nice pictures..

FreeZeBox said...

wow.. what a great zip ride...
here in phil. i'm planning to try the zipline in Danao, Bohol 1km is almost done and ready for the public anytime soon.

dewapelangi said...

good idea for holiday

printer repair said...

good information bos, i like with your site


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