Friday, December 25, 2009

Vanille Patisserie, The Sequel

Yesterday, while out buying cake and ice cream for Christmas, my wife and I chilled out with a good friend of ours Ritchel and her ever cute baby Ivan in Vanille Patisserie in Ayala's Terraces in Cebu, Philippines. The place has good ambiance plus i really like the colors of their sofas. My wife and I ate there before and well, we were disappointed but we ordered some new stuffs to see if they taste good.

While before I complained about this price, this time I did not. But I did not like the food that I ordered, Quiche Florentine. It was too salty. I do not know if they accidentally placed too much salt or it is how it really tastes like. They have this combo meal where you can order any kind of pasta (except the expensive ones) so I chose bolognaise as its combo. My wife and Ritchel ordered crepe. Man my wife really loves crepe but she says that East West's crepe is bigger and has more ice cream.

Here are the following photos and description of the food that we ordered.

Quiche Florentine - (pronounced kish florentin) chicken spinach and mushroom served with vegetable siding plus the Bolognaise pasta that I choose for the combo (120.00)

Caramel Fruit - drizzled with caramel served with ice cream (105.00)

Mango Crepe - that consists of mango and banana and honey in red wine served with ice cream (95.00)

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