Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sai Gon Quan

Sai Gon Quan is a Vietnamese themed restaurant located in Parkmall in the North Reclamation area in Cebu, Philippines. The place has a good ambiance and the music played makes you drowsy it feels like you are inside a spa having a body massage. The prices of their food is alright I guess, the usual prices like in other dining establishments.

There really is no difference between our cuisine and Viet cuisine other than how it is cooked. We ordered some Shabu which I recommend you order because the soup tasted so good! I was not satisfied with their River fish though because there was not much meat in it. I barely ate anything with my share. Most of them were bones ha ha! Oh yeah, the beef was awfully good. Sad to say I think I deleted my draft notes on the description of each dish that we ordered so I there are no prices indicated here as well. Maybe next time ;).

For now, savor the photos of the dishes that we ordered or you can go [HERE] for more photos of us when we dined at Sai Gon Quan.

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