Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Red Kimono

Just from the word itself, you can tell right away that it is Japanese. Next stop on our food trip adventures, my wife and I tried Red Kimono in Ayala Terraces in Cebu, Philippines. It is a popular chain of modern japanese restaurant that offers a wide array of modern Japanese cuisine.

As with all Japanese restaurants they are all pricey. The best way to maximize your expenses when you dine in one is to avail of buffets (if they offer one). Red Kimono does not have buffets though. The place inside has good ambiance and lighting. They even have a special function room for any possible event or occasion.

We ordered the following:

Yakitori - 2 skewers of barbecued chicken with yakitori sauce (110.00)

Wasabi Oyster Tempura - mouth watering oysters cooked tempura style and topped with a divine teriyaki mayo dressing (175.00)

Beef Kamameshi - authentic Japanese cooked rice served with either beef, pork or chicken (180.00)

For our drinks, we ordered ripe and green mango shakes priced at 65 pesos each.

Frankly, we were disappointed. The Beef Kamameshi was just Japanese pasted rice with a few beef toppings while the Yakitori was too small just like what you see in street side vendors selling barbecue. The Wasabi Oyster Tempura barely had any teriyaki mayo dressing.

About the only good thing at Red Kimono were the fruit shakes that we ordered. The ripe mango shake was very ripe while the green mango shake was not that very sour but still tasted good. I don't think we will be going back there again ;). No regrets even if we were not satisfied because it was trial and error that we decided to check out the joint. Teriyaki Boy was much better than this one.

You can check out the rest of the photos [HERE].

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yanilea said...

Hi, we also have a japanese restaurant here. Sometimes my taste bud can't adjust with the food's taste.


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