Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pizza Hut Dec 2009

So last night after an afternoon of tiring Holiday gift finding, my wife and I decided to relax and eat in Pizza Hut in SM Northwing in Cebu, Philippines. I named the title of the post this way because I already have some other posts about Pizza Hut and the title is already redundant with my other posts about this great pizza joint. As to what we ordered, we ordered something new this time.

Viva Holiday Italian Pizza - loaded with juicy ham chunks, sweet pineapple and bell pepper on a mild tomato sauce drizzled with honey glaze on a soft crust that is not too thick. best way to say merry christmas! (319.00)

Texas Bake - spiral pasta, baked with savory meatsauce, cream, bell pepper and mozzarella (159.00)

Great good, good prices. They were worth it! The waiter was even kind to give me white sauce even when it was not for the pizza or pasta ;).


emyat said...

yummy dinner...

survivor mom said...

yuppp!!Pizza hut is yummy and cheaper than shakys and yellow cab pizza.

Louis Dizon said...

I really love Pizza Hut. Their thick crust pizza is the best. And you're right Survivor Mom, it's cheaper. Although Yellow Cab is good too. =D


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