Saturday, December 26, 2009

Michael's Obsession By Casa Verde

Last night, my friends and I chilled out in Casa Verde in I.T. Park, in Cebu, Philippines since there were so many people in East West cafe. Actually, there were so many people in I.T. Park last night that we were just lucky to find an empty table in Casa Verde. The rest were packed.

We drank some booze and my wife wanted to try out their dessert called Michael's Obsession. This dessert is a chunky chewy brownie base topped with vanilla ice cream. Drizzled with chocolate syrup in a cloud of whipped cream priced at P108.00.

I would not recommend this dessert to anyone. It is a ripoff. The brownie's so small plus you are given one scoop of ice cream. You're better off with Death By Chocolate, their version is big.

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