Saturday, December 26, 2009

Iced Caramel Machiatto At Coffee Bean

Who here has sipped some coffee in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf recently? My wife had iced caramel machiatto and she was bitterly disappointed. Why? Check out the photo. You see how much ice was put into the drink?

Almost half of the plastic glass. That meant that the drink was more like half of the glass as well. The medium sized drink is priced at 130.00. Not so good of an order huh? Well, this is from the branch in the Philippines. Maybe in some other countries the drinks have more content.

So do not be surprised if you order the same iced caramel machiatto and see that many small ice cubes in it. And, getting to drink only a small content of iced caramel.


Tey said...

Looks very yummy. Merry Xmas to you

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ritz said...

yay! you got plenty of ice there! tsk tsk... not good

aqila said...

my first job at coffee bean!

disneyusa said...

cool. which branch?

business lovers said...

wow... coffe is my favourite

business lovers said...

wow... coffe is my favourite


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