Thursday, December 3, 2009

Customized Graduation Invitations

Let me ask you one thing. Do you want an invitation card or announcement already made by others? Or do you want it custom made according to your liking. It is always the latter. Naptime cards is one of those great online sites that gives you flexibility and freedom in creating the graduation invitations or announcement card custom made to your preferences.

Choose from a handful of colors and designs, there are virtually so many of them you have many options to choose from! Or, you can always select from a variety of ready made themes and designs.

Ordering at Naptime Cards is easy. It takes around 3 business days to have your cards done. Before full printing, you will be emailed a JPG file so you can see firsthand how the cards will look like when printed. Once everything is agreed, printing will commence and you will just have to wait till your cards arrive. It's that easy!


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TOMDUPUY said...

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