Saturday, December 19, 2009


Last night, my friends and I chilled out in Abaseria with a little Christmas party of our own. It was not that grand of a party. We just dined, exchanged gifts, had some pictures taken, then went out to go some place else.

Abaseria is a Spanish derivative word that means “sari-sari” store. House delicacies include Filipino Humba, Bangus Belly, Abaseria Fried Rice and a lot more to satisfy your discriminating palate.

I was not able to take photos of the food since when I got there, people were already hungry and eating so I only got to take a good photo of this dessert called Braso (as in Braso de Mercedes) with a little cheesecake with it.

The food was good although the chicken was dry. You need some liquid to drink ready beside you in case you choke. They also have some Filipino products there that are actually extras from the owner's export business.


mothercares said...

Wow!!! Braso de Mercedez that's my favorite cake my favorite to bake before. (Not now because i don't have oven anymore and i miss to do it again )
Thanks for the regular visitDisneyusa. Happy weekend.

psycha said...

Hi. visiting with big smiles...

vicy said...

Sounds yummy foods and you did enjoy the night. HANKSasTSGq5OtLK


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