Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hebrews is a new cafe within the Skyrise 3 building area just beside Tara's Cafe, in I.T. Park, Cebu, Philippines. Last sunday my wife and I tried out the place while we were walking around the park and decided to have a light snack instead. It was the perfect time because there were no people around so it was a good time to just chill inside.

We ordered beef lasagne and an iced tea. The beef lasagne costs 140.00 and is really worth it because it has lots of serving. Plus it tastes awfully good too! Really! The iced tea costs around 95.00 which is costly I think. Better order another beef lasagne instead. I would love to have another go at the beef lasagne if my wife and I will get a chance to eat there again.

You can check out other photos [HERE].

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