Saturday, November 14, 2009

Greek Cuisine At Cyma

Hmmm I had no idea greek food is that expensive. Their main course are more expensive than TGIFs (Thank God It's Fridays). I am talking about Cyma, that greek restaurant in Ayala's The Terraces in Cebu, Philippines. My wife and I tried out some of their dishes:

Chicken Gyro (pronounced hero) - with tomato, red onion, tzatziki (what the heck is this?!) and wrapped in wheat pita (160.00)

swordfish (served without rice) - moist and meaty with a soft texture and sweet flavor (275.00)

family style greek salad - with mixed greens, red cabbage, tomatoes, capers, cucumbers, pita cheese, black olives and oregano served with either cyma's summer herb vinaigrette or traditional greek vinaigrette

I just had to order swordfish because I was curious how it tastes like. I was disappointed though, it tastes like tangigue or let me put it this way, just ordinary fish. Probably what makes it expensive is because of its sharp nose which makes it hard to catch? ha ha!

For drinks I ordered their ultimate cyma's iced tea which has a kind of different taste but it is good. My wife ordered lemonade and it was super sour (which she loved). Both cost 95.00 for non-bottomless. They do not have much selection with beverages. Most of them are wine. The chicken gyro was awfully good as was the salad.

You can check out other photos [HERE].

Oh yeah, you do not have to give them some tip since they include you with a service charge. Cyma is a good place. Expensive, but if you want to try and get a first taste of Greek cuisine, they are good.

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