Saturday, October 17, 2009

World Of Darkness

This attraction in Jurong Bird Park in Singapore has actually a catchy name. You might think of the World of Darkness as some sort of horror freaky haunted house or something with nightmarish birds. Once my wife and I got inside, we both were amazed at what we saw. Owls of different shapes and sizes. It was my first time to actually see such a variety of owls. Some can only be found in the arctic like the snowy owls so inside it has to be cold to simulate the same environment.

What is unique with this attraction is that it uses a reversed lighting technique which transforms day to night and vice versa. This induces night-active creatures to come alive during the daylight hours. Pretty neat huh? You can see the owls awake early in the morning. Flash photography is barred though so I did not get to take some good photographs of the owls except the one in this post.

Just beyond the exit of this exhibit lies the Glowy Owl Gift Shop. You can make a choice from a wide range of glow-in-the-dark merchandise like Owl or Birds of Prey-inspired tees, key chains and other fun items to bring home.

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